• Basant Bahar

    An amalgamation of two ragas, Basant and Bahar (the former is a Sanskrit word, the latter is a Persian word, both refer to the spring season), raga Basant Bahar is widely used in compositions extolling the beauty of the spring season.

    Track Information : Vichitra Veena recital in Raga Basant Bahar.
    Performer(s) : Lalmani Misra
    Collection : Laxmi Tewari


    “(Hindol) is to be sung for (depicting) the sentiments of valour, wrath, and bewilderment in the fourth quarter of the day in the spring season”. ('Sangita Ratnakara' (c. thirteenth century); trans. R.K. Shringy). Hindol, meaning ‘swing’, is a popular raga during the spring season. Pentatonic in nature, the raga has many compositions describing the beauty and joyous nature of the holi festival celebrated in the month of March and April. A very popular image of Hindol is that of Krishna seated on a swing and surrounded by his companions.

    Track Information : Vocal rendition of Raga Hindol.
    Performer(s) : Gangubai Hangal and Krishna Hangal
    Collection : Akhilesh Mittal