• Morning Ragas

    Morning Ragas are said to be perhaps the most evocative of the time and are soothing and calm in nature. Their melodies are grounded in the lower register (mandra saptak) and their melodic movement is gradual, the rhythmic and tonal intensity increasing with the progress of the day.

    Afternoon Ragas

    Afternoon ragas tend to create a pensive and introspective mood. The energy of the late-morning ragas is left behind and a peaceful and sombre mood is brought into effect. The notes komal Ga and komal Ni (flattened forms of the 3rd and 7th notes of the scale) are emphasised.

    Evening Ragas

    Evening ragas are the most popular of the raga repertoire. The melodic and rhythmic range is quite extensive allowing for different moods to be captured by the ragas.

    Night Ragas

    Night Ragas generally employ Sa, Ma , and Pa (1st, 4th and 5th notes of the scale). Most of the ragas sung during this time are of 'gambhir' rasa; serious and meditative in mood.

  • Sunrise and Sunset Ragas

    Ragas sung or played at sunrise and sunset are known as Sandhi Prakash (twilight) ragas. Most of them include komal Re and komal Dha (flattened 2nd and 6th notes of the scale).