• Udukkai - 1983 - Nazir Jairazbhoy...

    This is an udukkai recording from the Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy collection at the ARCE. Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy produced more than 100 publications as well as audio and video productions on both classical and folk music of India.In addition, he also promoted audio-visual documentation and use of technology to disseminate performing arts traditions, worked towards advancing the methodological debates of his field, and create institutions which advance the study of world music traditions. Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy along with Amy Catlin, returned in 1984 to the original sites of Bake's 1938 South Indian fieldwork.

    Track Information : This is an excerpt of an Udukkai demonstration from the ARCE collection of Villupattu performance from Nazil Ali Jairazbhoy's Collection.
    Performer(s) : Unknown
    Collection : Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy Collection

    Udukkai - 1938 - Arnold Bake Coll...

    This is a video snippet of Udukkai playing from the Arnold Bake collection at the ARCE. The recordings by Dutch ethnomusicologist Arnold Adrian Bake (pronounced bakh-uh) in India in the 1930s and later are one of the earliest of what may be called “ethnographic” recordings. The collection that has been digitised and deposited in ARCE. Bake travelled from Sindh, the Gujarat coast to Kerala and from Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala to Bengal and Nepal. The collection of his wax cylinders, tefichord, photographs, notebooks and film are housed at ARCE, the British Libraries, UCLA and SOAS. These early recordings suffer in quality from the early recording technology, but have nevertheless served as the basis for analysis of socio-musical change.