• Tabo

    Work songs are often sounds or syllables that give rhythm to coordinate action, and sometimes to relieve the tedium of mechanical tasks. This work song was recorded in Tabo, Lahaul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh.

    Track Information : The women sing a song while digging the soil. The song, that is sort of like a rounder with lines overlapping one another, roughly translates as “forgive us for all our sins because we’re simple people and we don’t know what we do, and please don’t let our sins mix into the soil and let us have a good crop”.
    Performer(s) : Women of Tabo village, Himachal Pradesh
    Collection : U-Ra-Mi-Li

    O Bele

    O Bele is a work song from Karnataka. This song is especially sung for planting seedlings, never for pulling them up. It is mainly sung by women working in the fields.

    Track Information : O Bele by Paddakka Oderti, Sitakka Pujarti.
    Performer(s) : Paddakka Oderti, Sitakka Pujarti.
    Collection : Peter Claus

    Harvesting Songs of Western Tibet

    Drongon Ma - a Shepherd Song. Singing accompanied by the musical instrument dramyin.

    Track Information :
    Performer(s) : Various Artists
    Collection : Karma Khedup