• Miyan ki Malhar

    Miyan ki Malhar is said to have been created by Miyan Tansen, a renowned singer at the court of the Mughal Emperor Akbar (1556-1605). The raga is widely sung during the monsoon season and its associated compositions describe the rain, thunder, and lightning etc.

    Track Information : Sitar recital in Raga Miyan ki Malhar.
    Performer(s) : Zia Mohiuddin Dagar
    Collection : Nazir A. Jairazbhoy


    Megh, meaning clouds, is an ancient raga and has been one of the most popular melodies of the monsoon. “Of blue splendour, attached to the roar of the rain cloud; of tender body and lovely form, proud and playful be – the God of Love- is said to be Megha raga”. (from a Ragamala painting; trans. Klaus Ebeling).

    Track Information : Vocal rendition in Raga Megh.
    Performer(s) : Pt. Jasraj
    Collection : Brajraj Singh

    Raga Goond Malhar - Manganiar

    Raga Goond Malhar, also called Salang, is associated with the rains. There are many songs in this raga that celebrate the rains that bring respite from the scorching summer heat of Rajasthan.

    Track Information : 'Jhirmir Barse' - A joyful song about the rains that describes the clouds, the roar of thunder, and the dazzling lightening.
    Performer(s) : Bundu Khan Langa (Vocal), Chanan Khan Manganiar (Vocal and Khamaicha) , Multan Khan Manganiar , Khete Khan Manganiar, Meherdin Khan Langa
    Collection : ARCE Archives and Community Partnership