• Valaraju Katha

    Valaraju Katha is part of the Katamaraju katha ballad cycle, which is about the heroic deeds of the rajas of Nellore. These 35 poems start with Valaraju and end with Katamaraju.

    Collection : V. Narayan Rao


    The Ramayana is told, sung and performed all over India in different ways. This is a version of the Ramayana narrated and sung in Telugu.

    Track Information : This episode of the Ramayana is the part after the return to Ayodhya when Lakshmana is asked to take Sita to the forest and leave her there.
    Performer(s) : Mycherla Dasu
    Collection : V. Narayan Rao

    Kamamma Katha

    Kamamma Katha is the story of a devoted wife (pativrata) called Kamamma who is said to be related to the river Ganga.

    Track Information : This part of the story is about Kamamma’s husband's journey from Samerlakota to Kakinada, and from there to Madras by ship, to join the court of the white rulers.
    Performer(s) : Murugesan and group
    Collection : V. Narayan Rao Collection

    Desingu Raju Katha

    The story of Desingu Raju, Raja of Gingee. Raja Desingu ruled the kingdom, albeit for a short period, with sagacity and valour in the eighteenth century. The story involves many battles and is connected to the Sultanate of Delhi and the Nawab of Arcot. Over the years, the saga of Raja Desingu has become an enduring and endearing part of Tamil folklore as well as Telugu. Countless ballads, stories, puppet shows, dances, stage and street shows have been inspired by the tragic tale of this brave hero of Gingee. His fort is in now what is North Tamil Nadu and as a result the story is told in Tamil Nadu as far as Tirunalveli. It is also told as a part of the bow song tradition - villupattu. Desingu Raju is also related to the Palnadu epic.

    Collection : V. Narayan Rao