• The Death of the Little Brothers ...

    Diverging starkly from its birth song counterparts, 'The Death of the Little Brothers' (Tampimar Katai) emerges as a distinct narrative in various facets. It explores profound themes such as violence, revenge, deceit, and death, in contrast to the celebratory events like births and marriages. Set against the backdrop of eighteenth century Travancore, the narrative delves into the intricacies of succession, illuminating the transfer of rulership from Marttanta Varma to his nephew. This shift in power ignites a conflict as the Tampimar - patrilineal heirs to the throne - voice their discontent and forge an alliance with the Nadars of Nancil Nadu. This unexpected partnership, born from shared dissatisfaction with the prevailing rule, converges two distinct ideologies: matrilineal and patrilineal succession. The Tampimar along with the Nadars initially taste victory, only to be met with a tragic reversal of fortune culminating in their execution in 1731. However, these fallen figures are enshrined as symbols of justice, hailed as valiant champions betrayed and unjustly condemned. The narrative, divergent from historical accounts, portrays the Tampimar as devoted sons and protective siblings.

    Track Information : Tampimar Story
    Performer(s) : Krishna Nadar & Group, Amantivilai, Kanyakumari Dist.
    Collection : Stuart Blackburn