• Campuka's Lullaby

    Lord, rari, rari, rararo
    You were born of a boon,
    Have you come like Bhima with a sword?
    You were born as a result of penance
    Oh, brave one, have you come?
    You were born of Kunnutaiya
    Lord, have you come with the strength of an elephant?
    Have you come as a murderer
    To destroy Kompan, Lord?
    Have you come as an avenger to kill the boar, Lord?
    You will spear Kompan, oh, Lord
    And divide him into seven parts

    Track Information : In a cleverly worded lullaby, Camuka sings to the Boar about killing Komban and cutting him into seven pieces to which the boar awakens and questions Campuka. In response, Campuka blames the bent horn for the misheard lyrics of the song which the Boar believes.
    Performer(s) : Erucanampalayam Ramasami and Olappalayam Palanisami
    Collection : Brenda Beck Collection