• Pushti Margi Kirtan

    Pushti Margi Kirtan is a form of devotional singing performed by the Vallabh Sampradaya.

    Track Information : Bhog Sirna- Pushti Margi Kirtan by Srikant Chaturbedi.
    Performer(s) : Srikant Chaturbedi
    Collection : Meilu Ho

    Sikh Kirtan

    Kirtan refers to Sikh devotional music that originated in the Hindu tradition as loving songs sung to God. Kirtan is also one of the important aspects of Sikhism that refers to the singing of the Sacred Hymns from the Guru Granth Sahib accompanied by music.

    Collection : Paul Warnock

    Nirguni Bhajans

    Nirguni bhajan is a devotional tradition. One conventional way to to categorize devotional feeling is with the terms sagun and nirgun. The nirgun deity is invoked as invisible, indescribable, beyond form etc. Nirgun poetry evokes a deeper level of experience by cutting off normal ways of thinking, pushing the listener to a place that is no-place, a consciousness where all analytical categories (including nirgun and sagun) collapse. It does so not with high-flown language but with everyday imagery. Kabir is the premier nirgun poet of North India.

    Track Information : I ni jaane kaii ni jaane by Prahlad Singh Tipaniya
    Performer(s) : Prahlad Singh Tipaniya
    Collection : Linda Hess

    Sopanam Sangeetam

    Sopanam is a style of singing devotional music prevalent in Kerala. The steps to the inner shrine of a Kerala temple are called Sopanam. As the only accompanying instrument is the drum, special importance is given to the respective beat or thalam.The songs are devoted to Krishna, Vishnu, Shiva and Bhagavathi.

    Track Information : This is a song from the Ashtapadi sung in ragamalika consisting of the ragas Panthuvarali, Shankarabharanam, Thodi, Kalyani, Suruti, Shahana and Ananda Bhairavi. It is set to Chempata thalam. The song describes Krishna at play with the gopis.
    Performer(s) : Ragava Kurup & Subhash Narayana Marar
    Collection : Rolf Killius