• Births

    Birth songs are ceremonial songs usually sung before, during, or right after the birth of the child. They celebrate the arrival of the new member into the family. They can also be in the form of lullabies, where the mother prays for the protection of her child, and also in the form of stories, where she urges the child to go to sleep.

    Puberty Rituals

    Puberty rituals are coming of age ceremonies performed to mark certain important transitions in a child's life. Some of the common ceremonies practiced in India include the Thread ceremony (Janeu) and the First hair cut ceremony (Mundan).


    Weddings provide one of the most important contexts for music and song in India. The various ceremonies and rituals leading up to the wedding, during the wedding and after are all accompanied by songs sung by women or in many cases by professional musicians. The departure of a bride from her natal home is one of the most emotive motifs of these songs.


    There are many forms of folk traditions that deal with the subject of death. The theme of safe passing, from one world to the next, is characteristic of most funeral rituals. The beliefs and methods of performing these rituals vary from region to region.