• Sunnat

    Sunnat refers to circumcision, which is performed when a boy is between five to ten years of age. The Langas sing these songs for their patrons as well as within their own community.

    Track Information : Song for sunnat performed by a group of Sarangiya Langas.
    Performer(s) : Kadar Khan, Bundu Khan, Hayat Khan, Meherdin Khan, Dodha Fakir, Karim Khan, Khete Khan, Laldin Khan, Jamin Khan, Pire Khan
    Collection : ARCE Archives and Community Partnership

    Janeu Git (Thread Ceremony)

    Janeu is a consecrated thread that is worn by most Hindu Brahmins of India. This holy thread marks the development of a young boy into a man. Besides the Brahmins, the Janeu thread is also worn by the Kshatriyas and Vaishyas. The type of Janeu worn is different for different caste groups or sects.

    Track Information :
    Performer(s) : Kanyakubja Brahman Women Singers
    Collection : Laxmi Ganesh Tewari


    This ceremony is typically performed between the ages of one and three when the child's original, first hair growth is shaved, frequently leaving only the 'shikha' on the top back of the head. According to the sages, the hair from birth is associated with undesirable traits from past lives. Thus, at the time of the 'mundan', the child is freshly shaved to signify freedom from the past and the beginning of a new life. It is also believed that the shaving of the hair stimulates proper growth of the brain and nerves.

    Track Information : Mundana sung by Kanyakubja Brahman Women Singers .
    Performer(s) : Kanyakubja Brahman Women Singers
    Collection : Laxmi Ganesh Tewari