• Yaman kalyan (Early evening)

    Raga Yaman kalyan, one of the most popular evening ragas performed today, was not a part of the ancient music repertoire. It first found mention in a treatise from c.1620 where it was described as being ‘a favourite melody of the Arabs’. Its tonal material consists of tivra Ma (sharpened 4th note) along with the shuddha (pure) forms of the other seven notes.

    Track Information : Vocal rendition of Raga Yaman Kalyan.
    Performer(s) : Mallikarjun Mansoor
    Collection : Akhilesh Mittal

    Tilak kamod (Early evening)

    Tilak kamod is performed in the evening. While the raga consists of all seven notes, Ga and Dha are rarely employed during melodic ascent.

    Track Information : Sitar recital in Raga Tilak kamod.
    Performer(s) : Imrat Khan
    Collection : Akhilesh Mittal

    Bhupali (Early evening)

    The raga Bhup, from which evolved Bhupali, was first mentioned in a treatise from the sixteenth century. The raga is picturised as a woman who is decorating herself in anticipation of her lover and is performed in the evening. It is a pentatonic raga and consists of Sa, Re, Ga, Pa, and Dha in shuddha (pure) form.

    Track Information : Vocal rendition of Raga Bhupali.
    Performer(s) : Balwant Rai Bhatt
    Collection : Edward Henry

    Raga Kalyan- Manganiar

    The Manganiars associate their Raga Kalyan with the evening time, mirroring the Hindustani classical tradition. Songs are usually preceded by a duha, an unmetered couplet, that describes the raga of the composition. These duhas are often compared to the alap however, while the latter explores the tonal content of the raga, the duha is used to describe and exalt the beauty of the raga being performed.

    Track Information : Vocal performance of a Duha of Raga Kalyan.
    Performer(s) : Chanan Khan, Gazi Khan, Multan Khan, Hakim Khan.
    Collection : ARCE Archives and Community Partnership
  • Soob - Manganiar

    Soob is considered the most auspicious raga of the Manganiars, and is often sung or played at the start of an event. However, it is largely associated with the evening time.

    Track Information : Vocal rendition of 'Madgar', a famous song in Raga Soob. It belongs to the genre of wedding songs of the Manganiars and the text of the song describes Soob as a woman wronged by her husband.
    Performer(s) : Bhungar Khan Manganiar
    Collection : Daniel Neuman and the Rajasthan Atlas Project

    Durga (Late evening)

    Durga is a pentatonic raga consisting of all notes in their shuddha (pure) form except Ga and Ni (3rd and 7th notes) which are not used. It is performed in the late evening and evokes a pleasant but serious mood.

    Track Information : Shehnai recital in Raga Durga.
    Performer(s) : Bismillah Khan
    Collection : Lisa Black

    Jaijaivanti (Late Evening)

    A very popular raga, Jaijaivanti is performed in the late evening. It consists of all seven notes- Ga and Ni are both shuddha and komal (pure and flattened forms of the 3rd and 7th notes).

    Track Information : Vocal rendition of Raga Jaijaivanti.
    Performer(s) : Amir Khan
    Collection : Coates' Indian Music Collection